Shortcut to happiness – Investing in party outfits

Having an outfit ready for a party or celebratory occasion can be the most difficult decision of the night. I thought I would share a few tips on picking out the perfect party outfit!

1. Embroidery is your best friend.

For New Years Eve I had stayed with my boyfriend as he decided to cook me a home-cooked meal which was lovely! We got dressed up to go to a family friends house as they were having a get together. My boyfriend’s parents got me the most gorgeous embroidered boots and I found a dress in Harrogate’s Primark to match the shoes. It was a black dress with an embroidered overlay, it was only £20!24917339707_7e150415ff_z28643325_1844233628943047_735340735_o.jpg

2. Stay open-minded and try something new.

Trying different clothing and styles can be hard as people have their comfort zones/clothes. Seeing something in the store and thinking “that would never suit me” should not even be thought about when shopping! Just go for it, see that jumper you would not even look at before and try it on! Buy a figure hugging bodycon dress and do not be scared about what people will think. You have nothing to lose. (Dress from River island).28555299_1844234705609606_275417690_o.jpg

3. £4 clothes can save a life.

Why not splash out on a £4 skirt from BooHoo as the results can be great! Sometimes with cheap clothing the quality is hindered but on this particular purchase, it is the opposite and this skirt has saved me when I have had no idea what to wear. Never judge the price until you have seen the quality for yourself!28580048_1844234985609578_1389929964_o

Sometimes you have to live a little to gain a little. Be yourself in your choice of clothing and do not be shy!

T x

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