GirlBoss – Netflix Favourite 

GirlBoss is a series I found on Netflix that explains how the brand NastyGal got to where it is today.

I find Sophia Amoruso very inspirational and feel like it is a much watch! Nastygal is a vintage brand that began because a lonely girl in NYC found a pretty funky Jacket.

The show is a “loose” interpretation of what really happened but it is still a good watch! I love Sophia Amoruso because she is witty and weird but the show is very relatable.

The show is based in 2006 where Amoruso started her idea and eventually expanded her business into a thriving fashion shop with nearly $300 million in sales. Definitely inspirational!

As I am studying business I find it really interesting how she creates and runs her new idea. It shows how hard it is to establish a business and how much time it can take to break even and become a success.

The characters are just normal people trying to make a living, just like many entrepreneurs around the world. Amoruso never gave up after many confrontations and unraveling relationships with her and her father. We can all relate to family trouble and even though Amoruso did not have the support from her family, she had the support from her friends – and that was key.

I have not updated in a while as I have just moved back to university for my second year and it has been wild!

T x

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