Is the Fashion Industry ignoring innocent lives?

Yes, I have quite a strong opinion about what happens within the fashion industry but before starting my university course I had no idea about the effects on human kind and our environment.

I might sound silly but the things that go on in businesses are very shocking, I am sure you have heard about child labour and such, but what shocked me the most is The Rana Plaza disaster.

Fast fashion can be one of the best things that has ever happened to the fashion industry, we get clothing to our stores in no time and they are ready for us to purchase easily. Maybe this is wrong. It is shocking to know that large apparel companies are ignoring the ethical issues of this generation. In 2013, the fashion industry was at one of its most profitable times. Do you know what else happened that exact year? The Rana Plaza disaster – killing 1,129 people, the Ali Enterprises horror – killing 289 people and the fire in the Tazreen factory in Bangladesh killing more than 100 people. And if you thought that was not bad enough! Bangladesh is still the second largest apparel exporter in the world with the workers earning as low as $2 a day! To me, that is barely a life. The chaos continues as CEO’s and Managers ignore these deaths and remain making profits at dirt cheap prices. Risking lives! It is understandable that consumers do not know about the labour that has gone into a product but maybe we should share this into the world and fight to end horrible workplaces, unlivable wages and poor working conditions. Maybe then we can enjoy fast fashion without the suffering of innocent people’s lives.

rana plaza

Does this look like a good working environment? But seriously, this will never be okay if the building’s owners ignore warnings about cracks in buildings just to get an order complete. This factory manufactured clothes for huge brands.

I just wanted to share this with people so that we can at least appreciate what goes into what we buy. I even think about the people who have made my garment and hope for their well-being, even pray – you don’t have to go that intense though.

Just gives you another insight into the fashion industry, it isn’t all about peplum tops and bootleg trousers; it is about the people who made them too.

T x

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