Best 10 looks of Paris Haute Couture FW17 – Gaze into heaven…

Paris Haute Couture Fashion week this year has been intense. The show includes some of the biggest designers in the world such as Fendi, Chanel, Elie Saab and my personal favourite Zuhair Murad. Murad is my favourite Haute Couture designer and he is hard to beat!

The first look is by Fendi and it has the most intricate detail.

The next look is by Atelier Versace and it would make anyone feel like a powerful queen. The top of the dress is my favourite and I love the “strapped” detail.

This look below is by Chanel and I love that there is so much fabric and a beautiful black overlay.

Ensuite, le wonderful Elie Saab. The dresses are always a mix of elegance and beauty.

The next look is by Giambattista Valli who shows off his fine knit and italian flare.

Armani Privé had a wonderful collection at the fashion week. This look is detailed but alluring!

The next look is by Dior. The embroidery is outstanding and has a beautiful naturistic theme. I am a big fan of all and anything embroided.

Last but not least is the one and only Zuhair Murad. His collection was by far my favourite! His clothing shows exceptional detail and such beauty. Everything he creates is a piece of art. It may seem that i have picked two different type of garments but in terms of elegance I can not tell them apart.

I had watched the Paris Fashion Week live online and i was hooked for a good few hours!

Au revoir mes amours!

T x

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